MBM’s Program for those inside the jail:

Individuals who are incarcerated have lots of “time” to begin to make changes in their lives. Master Builder Ministries’ primary focus is to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ to inmates. By providing services that are designed to establish relationships, inmates can begin the process of rebuilding their lives. Services provided inside the jail include:

  • Chaplain Services
  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Bible Studies
  • Access to Local Clergy
  • Relapse Prevention Program
  • Re-entry Case Management Services
  • Family Support Through Church Partners

Master Builder Ministries implements proven jail ministry policies and procedures within the County Jail setting to ensure both the security of the community as well as the ability to effectively deliver the gospel message. We provide full training for local church members who are interested in volunteering their time to work with the inmates.

Time2Change is designed to prepare inmates to reenter our community, but it is just the beginning.

MBM’s Outreach to the Ex-Offender:

Upon their release from jail or the Department of Corrections, individuals are eligible for the Reeady4Change program, which assists them in overcoming the multiple barriers they face in changing their lives and becoming productive members of their community. To accomplish this, MBM partners with local churches and other agencies in the community to provide:

  • Continued Chaplain Support
  • Referrals for Basic Needs (Clothing, ID, etc.)
  • Support Groups Designed to Encourage
  • Faith-Based Mentoring
  • Relapse Prevention Program
  • Referrals to the Local Church

MBM has the ability to offer to house men who have committed their life to Christ and are interested in living in a structured Christian environment. Men who enter the MBM House will receive further assistance to connect with local social service agencies, community-based organizations, and the local church community to provide them with continued long-term support and mentoring relationships.